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Once you have selected a pattern stitch , choose a hook and yarn you like .
Make a beginning chain long enough to make a 4" or larger swatch using the correct
amount of multiples for the beginning chain . Crochet in your selected pattern
until you have a square swatch

Measure The Guage.- If you like your pattern stitch swatch, its time to measure
the guage to determine the number of chains needed to design your project. Lay
the swatch right side up, on a flat ,smooth ,surface,Measurethe width of two full repeats of the multiple . Lets say two repeats measure 1". Now do the math .
Example: If two repeats of the multiple measure 1" and there are two chains in one multiple , you know it takes four chains to equal 1" .

Determine the Multiple

Determine the Multiple

This is the first piece of information needed to begin the design
process. The multiple indicates the number of chains required to form one full repeat of the pattern stitch. The multiple of each pattern stitch is listed below.
Example: Let;s say the pattern you selected has multiple of 2+5 chains .The
beginning chain requires any number divisible by 2 . lets say 36 .Then you add
5 more chains for a total of 41 chains.
Hint: Patterns which share the same multiple will not necessarily be interchangeable,because each may produce a different gauge.

Beginners Guide Crochet Stitches

Are you eager to broaden your horizons by learning more elegant ---yet easy---crochet techniques?Then this is for you!Step-by Step instructions I will post different stitches you can have fun with ! Once you have mastered the basics ,use these simple skills to fuel your creativity as you fashion your own designs. So Let your Imagination run free , and remember--easy does it !

How Do I Use These Pattern Stitches ?
These pattern stitches are so versatile . You can use them strictly as
a learning tool to master new stitches or experiment by using
your favorite one to design your own project.
Here are four basic guidelines needed to begin the design process.

Afghan i am working on

i am working on an afghan of the pics aboves not the same as one in the image of the book image i have above i have image of colors of yarn i am using earth ombre and aran and ercu yarns

Crochet items

one tem here if anyone knows what it was used for it be great help to me so i could let my mother in law know ty so much

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Sorry I have not done anything lately to post on the site . I have Been busy with my Family off and on I had not had chance to post on here to you all . I will try to crochet something easy to post on here for you all to see . if you have ideas do please post them . They will help me alot for the winter that will be here soon before we know it :D I hope you all have had a wonderful summer so far ? I know I have I have tried to get out do as much walking as I can , I have lost some weight , Hoping to lose more soon, I am hoping to get more crochet images for the site if you come across any please email them to me at mycontact email on the bottom for now til i have it situated . I hope you all have a wonderful week Please pray for my mother Sharyl she is going to have a tumor mass surgigcally removed Thursday morning and if the doctor looks at the tumor he will be able tell my mother if its cancerous or not cancerous , she also has cancer in her lungs she has to have chemotherapy for hoping all goes ok for her surgery Thursday morning . Have a wonderful week Everyone .
God Bless