Saturday, August 28, 2010


Sorry I have not done anything lately to post on the site . I have Been busy with my Family off and on I had not had chance to post on here to you all . I will try to crochet something easy to post on here for you all to see . if you have ideas do please post them . They will help me alot for the winter that will be here soon before we know it :D I hope you all have had a wonderful summer so far ? I know I have I have tried to get out do as much walking as I can , I have lost some weight , Hoping to lose more soon, I am hoping to get more crochet images for the site if you come across any please email them to me at mycontact email on the bottom for now til i have it situated . I hope you all have a wonderful week Please pray for my mother Sharyl she is going to have a tumor mass surgigcally removed Thursday morning and if the doctor looks at the tumor he will be able tell my mother if its cancerous or not cancerous , she also has cancer in her lungs she has to have chemotherapy for hoping all goes ok for her surgery Thursday morning . Have a wonderful week Everyone .
God Bless

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